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An Attic Conversion 2020-01-09

Our client asked us to evaluate the existing condition of the attic in a recently purchased lake cottage they intend to make their retirement home.

When we looked at the existing attic we found a space that served as a storage area. Extra storage has value until your heating bill cost more than that space is worth as storage.

So, here is what we found:

    • 2 x 6 joist with fiberglass batt insulation between and covered with sheathing.

    • Uninsulated heating supply and return air ducts

    • Gable vents at each gable end

    • Several soffit vents at each eave

And here is what we recommended:

Ductwork is wrapped with a metalized jacket insulation

Example of insulation rafter baffles

Extended scuttle hole example. Ideally, we would like to achieve an R-value of 49 for our region.